Monday, January 21, 2008

Sulfur Hexafluoride Effect - The Helium Inverse

Where can I get myself some of that?

Daft Hands - Stronger

Think how long that would take to perfect that. That was fast!

A Legal Graffiti Alternative

Kind of like sparklers.

Don't try this at Home - You Might Break a Nail

The title of this post is supposed to be funny..... Ha.... Ha?

That Would Have Been Nice to Know

Simple Elevator Hacking. - video powered by Metacafe

I've not tried it yet, but my dad used to make elevators. He didn't know anything about this when I showed it to him.

Drunken Doctor

Drunk Tilted Room Sketch - video powered by Metacafe

I love the idea behind this clip.

Watch His Mouth Carefully

Did he just do that?

Did you say portal technology?!

Who cares about your stalker, but portal technology?! Seriously?!

I'd like to be a test subject for that kind of thing. Maybe I'd disappear into another planet! Everyone would be waaay happier then.

Life Lesson - Cowards Aren't Always Out of Harm's Way

Really Funny! - video powered by Metacafe

Rule number one in soccer that this guy must not have recieved: don't be afraid of the ball. Theres a reason your first soccer coach taught you that.

Hidden message - listen to your elders.